7 Must Do's To Get Stunning Wedding Photos!


Your Wedding Day is likely to be one of the most special and emotional days of your lives. Many couples find with all that's going on, it passes by so quickly and they don't always have the chance to take in all the little moments and appreciate the details that went into the planning and preparation for the Big Day!

With that in mind, it's a great idea talk to your photographer about the photos you would like to capture on the day so that you have memories that stay with you forever. Below are a few handy pointers that will help you to get beautiful and memorable wedding photos!

Plan your Big Day

The best way to make your Big Day as stress free as possible is to visualise the day as you would like to see it unfold and work out a timeline based on this. Chat to your venue, photographer, make up artist etc to make sure you are factoring in everything.  The online wedding magazine, One Fab Day have a handy Wedding Checklist that will help you plan the perfect day! Here it is: https://www.onefabday.com/ie/wedding-checklist/.

In terms of your photography, you need to think about the types of photos you are looking for. If you are looking to keep your day as relaxed and natural as possible then you are probably going to be looking for a documentary style photographer. A good rule of thumb is to set aside at least 30 minutes to get some lovely shots alone together and also time to get any of the family shots you may like to have.

Martinstown House

Think about the light

Light is the most important ingredient in making your photos beautiful and memorable. If you are getting married in the summer you'll have plenty of time to take the photos you want, but plan to have the outdoor photos taken later in the afternoon when the sun is not as high and won't cast harsh shadows on faces. If you are planning a winter wedding it's important to plan for an early ceremony to make the most of the available light.

Sunset is always a beautiful time of day for photos so if possible, think about a quick 10 minute trip outside. Check out the sunset times for when you are getting married. There's loads of useful apps for this such as Accuweather.


Get Creative

Chat to your photographer about any ideas you have for your photos.  You may know about a little hidden gem in your local area such as a beautiful view or babbling brook that your photographer may not have heard about!  Browse the web, in particular looking at PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM for photos that you like and create a 'mood board' that keeps all you ideas together and allows you to share them. Do you love the idea of having a beautiful shots of your ring hands or have a beautiful mirror that you would like included in a photo? You might like to include some props like oversized balloons or a customised sign that you got made for the day.


Strike the pose! 

Most people feel unnatural and slightly awkward standing in front of a camera so there are a few little pointers that can help you look your best without looking like a poser!  

Head- Push your head slightly forward. This has the effect of elongating the the neck and jawline and has a slimming effect on the whole body.

Arms- Bend your arms and hold them slightly away from your body. You can place you hands on a hip or simply hold your bouquet.  

Body- Bring one shoulder closer to your camera so your body is at a 45 degree angle to the camera. Placing your weight on one leg helps give a nice natural shape to your body.

Practise smiling naturally! Relax your face, opening your mouth ever so slightly, and think of something that makes you happy—like spending the rest of your life with your significant other!


The Preparations

Plan to get your hair and make up done in a large bright room. If it is a option, getting ready in your venue is great and even better if you can get the bridal suite the night before! Ask the makeup artist to set up near a nice large window and set out your dress, shoes and any other accessories that you would like the photographer to take pictures of. Then have a nice glass of champagne and enjoy your morning!


The CerEmony

Your ceremony is the one part of your day that your photographer can't communicate with you so bearing a few things in mind before your ceremony can help make sure you get beautiful and intimate shots.

1) Walk slowly up and down the the aisle and leave plenty of space between bridesmaids and flower girls. This will allow your photographer to capture all the style on the aisle!

2) Chat to the celebrant about where you will be sitting during the ceremony.  Make sure that your photographer can get in front of you and can capture your facial expressions. You might just need to pull your seats back a few feet but this can make all the difference to your photos!

3) Kiss Me Quick!- The celebrant pronounces you man and wife and your guests clap and cheer. Now enjoy a nice long first kiss and stare lovingly into each others eyes. Don't let it all be over in a split second and your photographer will be able capture some beautiful and emotional shots of your first seconds as a newlywed couple!


And Most Importantly.........Enjoy your Day!!!!